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Is Corona Virus The Pale Horse?

Even people who know very little about the Bible will recognize the term "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" from the book of Revelation. And most people know to associate the fourth horse, the Pale Horse, with death and disease. The Corona Virus COVID-19 looks like it could fit that description. Let's see.

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 What Is The Pale Horse?

In Rev 5, Jesus Christ is given a scroll with seven seals on it. The first six seals are opened in chapter six. The seventh seal is not opened till chapter 8, and it takes until chapter 19 to be finished. The first four of the six seals are the Four Horsemen. How do we know what they represent? Because they line up with a prophecy that Jesus gave, recorded in Matthew 24, Mark 13, and Luke 21.

White Horse - False Religion
Red Horse - War
Black Horse - Famine
Pale Horse - Plagues

Here's what the Bible says about that Pale Horse. Does this match the corona virus?

Rev 6:7 When the Lamb broke the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature saying, “Come.” 8 I looked, and behold, an ashen* horse; and he who sat on it had the name Death; and Hades was following with him. Authority was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword and with famine and with pestilence and by the wild beasts of the earth. NASB

*also translated pale, pale green, pale colored. From the Greek word chloros.

Kill a fourth of the earth! That would mean nearly two billion people. Estimates of the corona virus fatality rate are less than 5%, some estimates are much lower - Slate [1]. The Corona virus COVID-19 does not fit the Pale Horse. That could change if it mutates, but as it is now, no, it is not the Pale Horse.


Timing is also an issue. Authors don't seem to have a consensus on WHEN the Four Horsemen ride.

The disciples wanted to know when as well.
Matt 24: 3 As He was sitting on the Mount of Olives, the disciples came to Him privately, saying, “Tell us, WHEN will these things happen, and what will be the sign of Your coming, and of the end of the age?”
4 And Jesus answered and said to them, “See to it that no one misleads you. 5 For many will come in My name, saying, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will mislead many. 6 You will be hearing of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not frightened, for those things must take place, but that is not yet the end. 7 For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and in various places there will be famines* and earthquakes. 8 But all these things are merely the beginning of birth pangs**.

* Luke 21:11 adds Plagues or Pestilences
** Also translated as Sorrows or Travail, birth pangs appears to be most accurate.

Prophecy In The Headlines [8]
The problem in nailing down the timing is that false religion, war, famine, and plagues have been part of human history for a long time.  But all four appear to have intensified in the 20th century, and intensified again in the 21st. We ARE living in the end times. ALL of the things mentioned in Matt 24, false religion, war, famine, pestilence (Corona Virus, locusts), earthquakes, are happening now like never before.

Washington Times [12]

Be aware that prophecies have dual or even multiple fulfillments, echoes in advance if you will - United Church of God [9]. For example, Antiochus Ephiphanes was a fulfillment (in type) of the end time Anti-Christ - Prophecy Proof [10], Prophecy Forum [11]. A plague happening now could be seen as a fulfillment in type of the ride of the Pale Horse. The real thing will be much, MUCH worse. No matter how one interprets the timing of the Four Horsemen, remember "the end is not yet, these are the beginning of birth pangs". The Four Horsemen are only the first four of seven seals. In my opinion, we have crossed into the time of the beginning of birth pangs. But along with the warning, there is hope:

2 Chron 7:13  If I shut up heaven that there be no rain, or if I command the LOCUSTS to devour the land, or if I send PESTILENCE among my people;
14  If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.



Monday, April 6, 2020

The Paradigm: A Pattern For America

Many stories in the Bible serve as patterns of events to come later. These aren't prophecies as we normally think of them, that is prediction -> fulfillment, but rather as types. In the story of Abraham almost sacrificing Isaac, Isaac pictures Jesus. Isaac is the type, Jesus is the antitype, the fulfillment.

Jezebel and Ahab
1 Kings 16:31 to 2 Kings 10:34 records the reign of King Ahab and his wife Jezebel over the northern kingdom of ancient Israel. The characters and events of their rise and fall are a type for characters and events occurring right now in America, impossible as that seems. Again, it is not a prophesy in terms of prediction, but a type, a pattern or paradigm of things to happen "in the latter day". It is the premise of the book The Paradigm: The Ancient Blueprint That Holds the Mystery of Our Times [1] by Jonathan Cahn. For a quick intro, see a review of his book at Conservative Firing Line [2].

This article is a summary of Cahn's book. The main characters and events are summarized in tables. This can serve as a reference to anyone who has read the book, or as an introduction to the prophetic types of ancient Israel being played out in modern America.

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A Brief History of Ahab and Jezebel's Reign

Ancient Israel
Israel began as a nation when Moses led them out of slavery in Egypt. While they were never perfect, the people of Israel started out well, but after a few centuries, began to drift away from God. This apostasy was slow at first, but in the northern kingdom of Israel, King Ahab and his wife Jezebel accelerated the move away from God towards Baal. Jezebel is seen as manipulating Ahab, especially in the practice of child sacrifice. Ahab and Jezebel got caught in a scandal killing a man named Naboth to steal his vineyard. Surprisingly, Ahab shows remorse when confronted by Elijah, so God postpones some of his punishment till after his death. Ahab has an enemy named Ben Hadad, a king to the east, who troubles Israel. Ahab manages to capture Ben Hadad, then inexplicably lets him go. Elijah tells Ahab that he should have killed Ben Hadad, but now has traded his life for Ben Hadad. Ahab dies in battle, but Jezebel maintains power as queen mother through her sons Ahaziah who only lasts two years and her son Joram who reigned for twelve years. Elijah's protoge Elisha anoints a military commander Jehu to take the throne from Ahab's son Joram. Jehu becomes king, teams up with a holy man Jehonadab, and destroys the temple of Baal and kills many of the prophets of Baal. But Jehu doesn't go far enough in reforming Israel.

A Brief History of Bill And Hillary Clinton's Reign

America began as a nation when the Founding Fathers broke away from England. While they were never perfect, the people of America started out well, but after a few centuries, began to drift away from God. This apostasy was slow at first, but Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary accelerated the move away from God towards paganism. Hillary is seen as manipulating Bill, especially in the practice of abortion. Bill and Hillary got caught in two scandals, one involving a real estate deal called Whitewater, some suggest killing a man named Vince Foster to hide evidence; and two, Bill's affair with Monica Lewinsky. Surprisingly, Bill Clinton shows remorse when confronted, some of the penalties are postponed till after he is out of office. Bill Clinton has an enemy named Bin Laden, a terrorist leader to the east, who troubles America. Clinton had nine separate chances to take out Bin Laden, but inexplicably lets him go. He traded American lives for Bin Laden. Bill Clinton's term ends, but Hillary gains power as a US Senator for eight years then Secretary of state for four years. While Hillary was the heir apparent to become President in 2008, Barack Obama won the nomination and was elected. A political outsider Donald Trump took the Presidency after Obama, taking it away from Hillary. Trump teams up with a religious man Mike Pence, and reverses abortion policies of Clinton and Obama. Does Trump go far enough in reforming America?

Regardless of how one might feel about any of the current players in American politics, one has to admit the parallels with ancient Israel. Why was this paradigm recorded? Why is it playing out now?


Let's look in more detail at the parallels between King Ahab and Bill Clinton. They both rule over nations slipping into apostasy, and instead of reversing the trend, accelerate it due to the influence of their wives. They both sanction the killing of children, both are dogged by scandals, and both have an enemy from the east.

Ahab vs Bill Clinton
Ahab Clinton Chap
Accelerates apostasy Epitomizes apostasy
Morally weak Morally weak
Adept commander Talented leader
Conflict between culture of heritage and new ethos Conflict between culture of heritage and new ethos
    struck down ban on using aborted tissue
    vetoed partail birth abortion
Normalized and endorsed homosexuality
    issued proclamation to honor gay pride
Pagan practices went from secret to public
Pagan morality supplants Biblical morality
State sponsored paganism - built a temple to Baal
Israel became materialistic, sensual, vulgar USA became materialistic, sensual, vulgar
Promoted child sacrifice Championed abortion
Reigned 22 years -1Kings 16:29 In office 22 years
    AG, Gov Arkanas 77-81, 83-93, Pres USA 93-2001
Nemesis: Ben Hadad. See NEMESIS chart Nemesis: Bin Laden. See NEMESIS chart
    Kills Naboth and takes his vineyard
    Affair with Monica Lewinsky


What about the parallels between Ahab's wife Jezebel and Bill's wife Hillary? Both of them acted as co-regents, one could argue they were the power behind the throne. They both waged war on the nations's traditional morals, that is a war on religion. Jezebel was a priestess of Baal, Hillary dabbled in the occult. Both women had their own power base after their husbands were out of power, and in each case, were the first women to do so. And just like Ahab and Bill Clinton, they were in power the same amount of time.

It may be hard to believe that there is a war on religion, on Christians, in America. That sounds like something that happens elsewhere. Christians may be beheaded "over there", but not here. Yes there is a war on Christianity being waged by the liberal left. Author David Horowitz has written about it, DARK AGENDA: The War to Destroy Christian America [3].

Jezebel vs Hillary Clinton
Jezebel Hillary Chap
Elite of cosmopolitan cultureBorn and raised in Chicago, worked on east coast
Proponent of child sacrificeChief advocate for abortion
    Hillarycare compelled govt funded abortion
Political marriage to AhabPolitical consideration in marriage to Bill
Contempt for Israel's faithWage war on traditional and biblical values
Sought to change IsraelAgent for social and cultural change of USA
Distrusted by manyDistrusted by many
Coregent Co-president
    Bill "two for the price of one"
    Office in West Wing known as Hillaryland
Caused Ahab to
    Build temple to Baal
    Waged war on Biblical faith and morality
    Champion religion that sacrificed children
Convinced Bill to advance abortion
2015 NYC "deep seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to change"
2016 DNC open about abortion
2016 platform sought to strike down Helm and Hyde amendments
Priestess daughter of Phoenician King Ithobaal, High priest of Astarte
    Brought 400 pagan priests from Phoenicia
    Astarte goddess of fertility, sex, war, Destruction
    Astarte aka Queen of Heaven
Invited non Christian advisors to Camp David 1994
    Jean Houston, Marianne Williamson
Jean Houston
    Pantheism, all is God
    Very high priestess
    Actively dialogue with neters, gods and goddesses
    Promotes Isis aka Queen of Heaven
HRC held seances at the White House*
    Channeled Eleanor Roosevelt
Dwelt in capital city Samaria after Ahab's death Dwelt in capital city Washington DC after Bill's term
First queen of Israel to exercise power after king dies First First Lady to seek office after presidential term
As queen mother, held sway over sons Ahaziah and Joram US Senator, then Secretary of State under Obama
    back in White House, counselor to Obama
In power 36 years
    22 years with Ahab
    2 years with Ahaziah
    12 years Joram
In power 36 years
    22 years with Bill
    2 years presidential campaign
    12 years Senator + Secretary of State

Biography Reveals Hillary Clinton Séance, Religious Devotion to Abortion [4]


Let's examine the parallels between Ahab's archenemy Ben Hadad, and Clinton's archenemy Bin Laden. Beyond the similarity of their names, they both threatened and harassed Israel or America, both attacking capital cities, both killed in their bedrooms, betrayed wittingly or not by their couriers. And they both died 10 years after their big attack.


Ben Hadad vs Bin Laden
Ahab NemesisClinton NemesisChap
Ben HadadOsama Bin Laden
Ahab captures Ben-Hadad, lets him goClinton had 9 chances to eliminate Bin Laden
Semite, from the eastSemite, from the east
Threats against ancient IsraelThreats against America
Became active when Ahab became kingBecame active Dec 1992
Ben = "son" + 5 letter nameBin = "son" + 5 letter name
Hadad = thunderMeaning of name unknown
Attacked capital city SamariaAttacked capital city Washington DC
Assassinated by Hazael, his courierCIA locates him by tracking his courier
Killed in his bedroomKilled in his bedroom
Killed 10 years after AhabKilled 10 tears after 9/11


The heirs refer to the successors to Ahab and Bill Clinton, the one who would continue the apostasy. Ahab's heir was his second son Joram. Clinton's heir was President Barack Obama. Here we see the similarities between the two. It's interesting that Ahab's successor skipped an intermediate king, Ahaziah. Clinton's successor skipped an intermediate President George Bush. Once in power, Joram and Obama followed the aspostasy of the paradigm, more war on religion, more child sacrifice and abortion. Curiously, they both reigned 12 years.

Joram vs Obama
Joram Barack Obama Chap
Heir is third king
    Ahab -> Ahaziah -> Joram
Heir is third president
    Clinton -> Bush -> Obama
outward display of piety
    removed Baal's pillar
outward display of piety
    campaigned against gay marriage (later reversed)
continued apostasy of Ahab and Jezebel continued apostasy of Clintons
    champions redefining marriage
Baal worship continues
    child sacrifice continues
As Illinois senator, Obama fought bill against infanticide
War on religion
    makes Elisha focus of his anger
    wants to execute Elisha
War on religion
    calls people of faith problems, obstacles, enemies
religious liberty is a code word for discrimination, intolerance,
     sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, Christian supremacy
reigned 12 years 12 years on national stage
    2004 DNC Convention speech
    2016 DNC Convention speech to the day
12 years in power
    2005 US Senator
    2009 - 2017 President


The paradigm does not stop with Ahab's successor. Another figure named Jehu came on the scene suddenly, killed Joram and became king in his stead. Likewise Donald Trump, though well known in America, entered politics as an outsider, and in a wild and crazy campaign became president. Both Jehu and Trump contend with the Heir (Joram and Obama) and the Queen (Jezebel and Hillary). Both stop the slide into apostasy and the child sacrfice. Other parallels listed below.

Jehu vs Donald Trump
JehuDonald TrumpChap
Elisha anoints Jehu at Ramoth-Gilead during Joram's reignMost prayed over and prophesied over candidate in history
Takes vengeance on Ahab
    cut off his descendants
    1K 19:16-17, 2K 9:1, 2K 10:11
Contend with former queen and her agenda - 2K 9:22Contend with HRC for Presidency
    Military commander
    Trump went to NY Military Academy
    Confrontational, combative, contentious
    Boastful, self-promoting, not godly
    Zeal for God, follow godly counsel
    Man of action, decisiveness, and resolve
    Confrontational, combative, contentious
    Boastful, self-promoting, not godly
    Zeal for God, follow godly counsel
    Man of action, decisiveness, and resolve
Appears when apostasy on the verge of being sealedAppears when apostasy on the verge of being sealed
Rise of the Warrior
    Attacks the Heir - Joram
    Race to the throne appears crazy - 2K 9:20
    Kills Joram, body thrown in Naboth's vineyard - 2K 9:24
    Kills Jezebel - 2K 9:33
Rise of the Warrior
    Attacks the Heir - Obama
    Race to the Presidency appears crazy
    Confronts HRC about abortion during debates
    Defeats HRC for President 2016
Jehu knew Ahab - 2K 9:24Trump was a friend of Clintons
Before rise to power, Jehu served AhabBefore rise to power, DT pro-abortion
Capital city Samaria hostile to JehuTrump inauguration had crowds of supporter and protestors
    Witches curse Trump every crescent moon*
Ahab built temple and altar for Baal
    Jehu tore them down, made it a refuse dump
Bill enacted government support and funding of abortion
    Trump reversed it
Apostasy slowed but not reversed
    Jehu not careful to keep the whole law of God
    Did not turn from sins of Jeroboam
Apostasy slowed but not reversed
    Reform is partial and selective
    Nationalism competes with reform

*BBC News [5]


And each Warrior had a religious man by his side, Jehu had Jehonadab, who as a descendant of Rechab, lived by a strict code of behavior, as does Mike Pence. Jehonadab and Pence brought credibility to Jehu and Trump respectively.

Jehonadab vs Mike Pence
JehonadabMike PenceChap
Meets Jehu on the way to depose AhabJoined Trump after nomination
Jehonadab interested in Jehu's desire to purge the nation of heathenismReligious leaders will have concerns about the ways of Trump
A Rechabite, a religiously conservative groupStrict code of behavior
Jehu assures Jehonadab
"See my zeal for the Lord" - 2K 10:19
DT assures Christian leaders, "I'm on your side"
Jehu needed Jehonadab to look credibleReligious conservative support crucial to Trump's campaign


One character from the Paradigm is missing, that is, has no modern day counterpart, that is the role of Elijah (and Elisha). And by this, I mean prophesies as we normally understand the word, prediction then fulfillment. As far as I know, no one prophesied to Bill Clinton about the consequences of not taking out Bin Laden, or warning him about the rush into paganism. It does seem that people prophesied over Trump, but I have no specifics. Was there a modern day prophet speaking to all the players like in ancient Israel? Nonetheless, we have some of Elijah and Elisha's words.

Elijah's Prophesies
Ahab Clinton Chapter
Dogs will lick Ahab's blood 1K 21:21, 2K 9:24
Cut off his posterity 1K 21:21, 2K 10:1-11
Dogs will lick Jezebel's blood 1K 21:23, 2K 9:33-35
Judgments to come after Ahab's death
Bring the evil upon his house in his son's days 1K 21:29
Repercussions AFTER reign ended because Bill:
    Overturned Glass Steagall 
    Deregulated derevatives
    Directed Fannie Mae to sub prime mortgages
Exposure of personal sin
    Naboth killed for his vineyard
Exposure of personal sin
    Affair with Monica Lewinsky
    Dec 1998 Impeached, perjury, obstruction of  justice
Sorrow and repentance
    Tore his clothes when confronted
    Sackcloth and fasting
Sorrow and repentance
    9/11/1998 9AM Admited at prayer breakfast
    9/11/2001 9AM Twin tower attack
    Admitted his false witness
    Surrendered his law license
Exposed in 19th year
    Died 3 years later - 1K 22:1-2
1/20/1998 - Exposed in 19th year
1/20/2001 - End of second term
Tied to tribe of Levi
    Ahab died in battle of Ramoth-Gilead, a Levite city
Tied to tribe of Levi
    Levi -> Levin -> Levinsky -> Lewinsky

Why Is This Paradigm Playing Out In Modern America?

Again, regardless of how one might feel about any of the current players in American politics, one has to admit the parallels with ancient Israel. One point of this article is to demonstrate that it is just beyond coincidence that the Paradigm of Ahab's reign is mirrored in modern America. One can argue that some of the parallels don't fit all that well. One could also argue that many events in Ahab and Jezebel's life have no parallel today. But there are too many uncanny fulfillments of the the ancient type. It is not coincidence. Why was this Paradigm recorded? Why is it playing out now?

The simple answer to why it was recorded is because Ahab was a king in Israel. The reigns and deeds of all the kings are recorded. But his reign carries profound significance for America today. Israel was at a crossroads, where the slide into apostasy was becoming irreversible, they were turning away from God. And God would no longer protect and bless a nation that went after other gods. He sent them a warning, and also sent them someone to stop the slide into godlessness. Eventually Israel was conquered and sent into exile. Likewise, God has sent warnings to America to turn back from godlessness lest He remove His blessings and protections, and lest we too are conquered. Did we learn from Sept 11? Are we learning from COVID 19? "Nearly half of the country believes that the sweeping and deadly coronavirus is a wake-up call from God" - Washington Examiner [6]. Today is a good day to repent.

I am in awe of Jonathan Cahn's amazing ability to tie prophesies and types to the modern world. I wrote a previous article based on his writings, see Sycamore of Ground Zero [7]. One question he raises in the Paradigm without answering is why America parallels ancient Israel. I think it is because America is descended from Israel. I know that is controversial, Cahn doesn't believe it himself, but the theory has been out there for about 200 years. It has been well documented by Steve Collins - Lost Ten Tribes Found [8], Yair Davidiy The Tribes: The Israelite Origins of Western People [9], and others The United States and Britain in Bible Prophecy [10]. America parallels Israel because we ARE Israel, not the tiny country of Israel in the Middle East, but the actual descendants of ancient Israel. And of course, I am in awe of God Who foresaw this 3000 years ago and recorded it for our caution now.

I see no predictive value in the Paradigm. As I peek ahead in the Bible, Jehu reigns for 28 years. Presidents can serve a maximum of two terms. Furthermore, Trump is already 73 years old. The northern kingdom of Israel continued more than 100 years after Jehu - Wiki(Kings_of_Israel) [11], then Assyria conquered and exiled northern Israel. Many people, including me, believe we are already in the end time, meaning we don't have 100 years. The value of the Paradigm is not in guessing dates, but realizing that America is at the same fork in the road as Israel, the choice is to turn back to God or slide further into apostasy, which won't end well.

As Elijah said to Israel then (1K 18:21)

How long will you hesitate between two opinions? 
If the Lord is God, follow Him; but if Baal, follow him.